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8:30am-5pm / 7 Days a Week


Understanding Texas HCS

April 13, 2020

Texas’s Home and Community-based Services Program (HCS) provides customized services and support to individuals, and families of individuals, with intellectual disabilities who live in a variety of circumstances. This includes those who live with their families, in their own home, in a companion care setting, or in a residence with no more than 4 people who also receive services.

The HCS program allows Texans with intellectual disabilities or related conditions to thrive as citizens of the community. Each service included is intended to not to replace, but to support services received from other programs.

Residents of Texas who are eligible for HCS are any individual not living in a community who either has an IQ of 69 or below OR 75 or below with an approved related condition, has deficits in adaptive behavior, is eligible for Medicaid benefits, and is not enrolled in any other Medicaid waiver program. As a Texas HCS provider, we provide services including supervised living with a service provider staff to help the individual in a group home setting, supported employment, dental care, audiology, day habilitation, minor home modifications, nursing, adaptive aids, behavioral support, social work, dietary assistance, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, community first choice, respite, supported home living, residential support, short-term services for those who cannot care for themselves, and host home companion care.

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