8:30am-5pm / 7 Days a Week
8:30am-5pm / 7 Days a Week

Texas Home Living

The TxHmL Program provides essential services and supports so that people with IDD can continue to live with their families or in their own homes. TxHmL services are intended to receive, not replace the services and supports they may receive from other programs such as the Texas Health Steps Program, or from natural supports such as family, neighbors, or community organizations.


Individuals 21 and older:$1,000 per IPC year to address emergency, preventive and therapeutic dental treatment.

Supported Employment

Provides assistance to sustain paid employment for individuals for whom, because of their disability, require


Provides for a licensed audiologist to perform assessments and direct therapeutic intervention, training and consultation

Day Habilitation

Services provide the opportunity to participate in day habilitation for up to six hours a

Minor Home Modifications

Services are designed to assess the need for, arrange for, and provide modifications and/or improvements


Services provided by a licensed nurse include monitoring health, medication administration and monitoring, referrals for

Adaptive Aids

These are necessary medical supplies, devices, controls or appliances that allow individuals to retain or

Behavioral Support

Provides for a licensed psychologist, psychological associate, DADS certified psychologist or a board certified behavioral

Social Work

Assessment and direct therapeutic intervention. Training and consultation with family/provider.


Provides for a licensed dietician to perform face-to-face assessment, consultation and staff training. Services include

Speech Therapy

Services are designed for corrective or rehabilitive treatment of individuals with speech or language disorders.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Services are designed to help individuals with range of motion, improve physical functioning,

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Services are designed for skilled treatment that will help individuals achieve independent functioning

Community Support Services

Offers home-based assistance, training and support necessary for the individual to complete independent living skills;


Provides short-term services to individuals who cannot care for themselves; furnished because of the absence