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8:30am-5pm / 7 Days a Week

Rockwall, Texas

BFS prides itself on many services they offer together with the expanding service areas, which helped Texas’ economy grow and prosper. One of our local services areas is Rockwall, which is the town center and seat of power of Rockwall County. What is Rockwall? What makes it beautiful compared to other cities? 

Rockwall is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, which comprises many cities within the Metro Dallas area. It was named after a natural geological formation that appears as an artificial wall. Rockwall provides essential services like no other. They offer services such as online payments, animal adoption, disaster emergency alerts, drainage requests, and senior living help! 


Aside from the services mentioned above, they also offer job opportunities to those job seekers. They also provide job opportunities in Texas and the whole United States if the current job listings on the city’s website are not available. Rockwall is not just your ordinary city. It’s a lakeside city bordering Lake Ray Hubbard! People may visit the coastal borders to have good sightseeing of the lake. The coastal borders, called the Harbor, are the city’s premier commercial and recreation spot of Rockwall. 


Furthermore, the city provides parks and spaces for rest and leisure. They have also created a website dedicated to their parks where it shows the events and activities about to take place in the said spaces. Rockwall provides a directory for businesses and establishments located Downtown. Aspiring business owners who would like to invest in the city shall coordinate with the Chamber of Commerce of Rockwall. The Chamber provides partnerships, alliances, and programs for young employees, women, and veterans in businesses. 


The Rockwall City Council also gives its attention to visual arts. The city offers public spaces for visual arts where artists may share and showcase their talent to the people of Rockwall. The city provides support for its artists when they have decided to share their skills. Last, Rockwall has fiberglass guitars displayed in public. These guitars are all around the city, especially in Downtown Rockwall. Now excited to visit Rockwall? Visit the BFS service area in Rockwall now!


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