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Rowlett, Texas

Everything you need to know about Rowlett, Texas.


Are you planning to move to the Dallas suburb? Well, it is the right thing to do since there is so much to love about Rowlett, Texas. With more than 62,868 residents, this Dallas suburb is famous thanks to its warm weather, unmatched security, and proximity to Dallas and the lake. It will take about 23 minutes to drive to Dallas. Whether you are starting a young family and looking for a quiet place with great schools or you are looking for a quiet neighborhood to come home after a busy day in Dallas, Rowlett, Texas, is the perfect place for you.


Before moving it would be best to learn more about this great city. Here is everything you ought to know before planning a move to Rowlett, Texas.


First Things First, How Expensive is Rowlett, Texas?

The first thing you might want to know before starting your shopping for your new home and looking for the perfect home is how expensive it is to live in Rowlett. To begin with, it is essential to understand that Dallas might be relatively cheaper than Rowlett. According to recent statistics, the cost of living in Dallas is 9.3% lower than Rowlett. Rowlett’s cost is relatively higher than Texas and national average. However, it is not that expensive that you can’t afford it. With the average home price at $250,600, many people can manage to purchase a property in this great town.


Enjoy the Lake Life in Rowlett, Texas

Rowlett, Texas, is the perfect place to go if you love the lake life. With the famous waterfront minutes away at Lake Ray Hubbard, you will never have to drive to the Gulf Coast if you move to Rowlett, Texas. This 22,000-acre lake is the perfect destination for fishing, lounging, and boating. You can also watch the incredible sunset as you enjoy the lake life with your family or friends. If you are looking for a more peaceful setting, then be sure to visit the Rockwall Harbor 12 minutes from Rowlett. Windsurf Bay Park is also the perfect destination for couples who want a peaceful picnic.


How is the Rowlett Weather?

Rowlett, Texas, is the perfect destination for you if you love the warm weather. It gets hot and humid in the warm summer and spring months. The winter months are mild but can get near-freezing temperatures sometimes. This great suburb also experiences storms in spring. You do not have to worry because Rowlett has been recognized as a storm-ready city. Since 2012, the city has been well-prepared for harsh weather by creating awareness and embracing a proactive approach.


Is Rowlett Safe?

According to SafeHome.org, Rowlett is the 9th safest city in Texas. The National Council for home and security ranks Rowlett as the 41st safest city in Texas. This means that Rowlett is one of the safest cities in Texas and the rest of the country.


Rowlett, Texas residents love their city due to its proximity to Dallas, security, and warm weather. This is the perfect place to start your family and take your career to the next level.