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Richardson, Texas

Richardson, Texas, is a suburb in Dallas with a population of 116 432. Commute from Dallas to Richardson is only less than 20 minutes. The suburb has a humid subtropical climate that provides humid summers and mild winters. Residents of Richardson experience an urban-suburban feel with its location and weather. Moving to the city is an excellent option because of its proximity to Dallas, abundant job opportunities, and big city life with a small town. 


The Sunnyvale government uses the council-manager form of government that consists of 7 elected members that stand as the city’s governing body. The elected mayor can live anywhere in the city, while the district representative must live in their respective districts. The elected governing body will serve the city for two years.


Educational opportunities in Richardson are numerous, with the available educational facilities within the area. The University of Texas or also known as UT Dallas is in Richardson, Texas. Also found in the Richardson border is the Richland College of Dallas College, the largest school in the Dallas County Community College District. 

Economy and Opportunities

With the growing economy of the cities, more and more opportunities are available. Many of the largest Telecommunications and networking companies and thousands of other businesses are operating in the town. Companies like Verizon, AT&T, Texas Instruments, Cisco Systems, Fujitsu, Samsung, and more are providing opportunities to the resident of Richardson and those in the neighboring town. The headquarters of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, regional offices for United Healthcare, and regional hub of Geico are the few companies that provide the highest number of employees in Richardson, Texas. Startups and numerous businesses are choosing Richardson. BFS is one of the businesses that serve the city. Richardson is indeed a good place for growing families and people seeking opportunities.


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