8:30am-5pm / 7 Days a Week
8:30am-5pm / 7 Days a Week

RetroCade Rowlett

Come out and play the classics or try something new at RetroCade in Rowlett. Either way, it’s definitely worth it for you new & classic arcade junkies out there! There will be food, drinks, music, and games!

If you’re a fan of the 80s or 90s then you’ll love what Retrocade has to offer. Featuring games from the best retro era of the 80s and 90s right down to the newest generations of games available now.

At Retrocade, not only will you find classic favorites like Asteroids, Pac-Man, Tetris, and Punch-Out! but also exciting modern games like Metal Slug, Marble Madness, Super Smash T.V., and Paperboy to challenge your competitive side. You have over 80 games to choose from. Play racing games, air hockey, and target practice. Switch and go from one game to the next while ordering up a snack.

Extremely rare specimen for those who want to bring home a Ninja Turtles cardboard arcade cabinet! Not only that but they get to keep the cabinet in mint condition with no scratches or dents on it at all.

Plus, you’ll have an unlimited play of classic games with 2-3 dollars for a quarter for up to 3 people. known for our unbeatable food and drink specials.

If you can eat it, Retrocade can dish it up! A variety of go-to kitchen and snack menu items like chicken wings, pizza, subs and sandwiches, nachos, and mozzarella sticks. They are known for their unbeatable food and drink specials.

Once a month inviting local artists to come out and showcase their talents is scheduled. That’s another exciting scene to expect here at Retrocade!

Got curious?

Retrocade is located at 6320 Dalrock Rd Suite 100 Rowlett, TX 75088. This attraction offers entertainment for Houston seniors, young children, and families. Come and see for yourself!

BFS serves the area where Retrocad is located. To know more, visit them if you need their services.

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