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Plano, Texas

Situated 20 miles north of downtown Dallas is the city of Plano, Texas. It is considered the 4th largest city in the Dallas Fort Worth region and the 9th largest city in Texas, with its population of almost 28700. From a small farming community, the city of Plano emerged into a city known for a fantastic quality of life and numerous opportunities. People who decide to move to Texas choices Plano because of the various things that it can offer. 

Living in Plano

Living in Plano is affordable. The city is not too small or not too big, providing the quality of life you need. Housing is also not expensive. You will never get bored with all the entertainment that the city can offer. Old and new residents enjoy downtown Plano with its numerous retails, restaurants, and entertainment locations. Nature and recreation activities in the town are fun and easy. Plano has more than 80 parks throughout the area that lets nature lovers enjoy the fascinating large trees and interconnecting biking trails. 


Having a great neighborhood is one reason why Plano is desirable for people looking for a place to call home. Diversity in the area is present. There are mosques, temples, churches, and many ethnic restaurants, shopping areas, and grocery stores. Living in Plano is also like traveling around the world with this wide range of cuisine. Restaurants offer a different taste from all over the world. 


Enjoyment is not the only thing you will get from the city of Plano. Big corporations like Keurig Pepper, Capital One, America, Pepsi, Toyota, JCPenny, and many more companies are in Plano. BFS also provides service in this small city. Plano is not only good for a living but also a great place for opportunities. Families and young professionals are choosing Plano to be their home.


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