8:30am-5pm / 7 Days a Week
8:30am-5pm / 7 Days a Week

Kids Kingdom Rowlett

At the Kids Kingdom Texas, you are invited to learn and play with the children of Brownsville. The center provides a space for children to take a break from their school work, practice their vocabulary, or just socialize with their peers. The Kids Kingdom provides a place to explore their surroundings while learning and having fun.

Kids Kingdom staff keeps the kids active and occupied by providing multiple activities for them to practice their skills. They are taught to concentrate, read, write, listen, and speak English in a way that they can relate to the role models and mentors.

The concept of Kids Kingdom was developed in order to provide children with the ability to work on a specific skill or acquire knowledge through play. The activities found at the Kids Kingdom are designed to address the developmental needs of children. The staff at Kids Kingdom Texas has been certified as specialists in early childhood education and encourages parents to be hands-on and involved with their child’s developmental needs.

Kids Kingdom is run by more than volunteers who help with activities such as making crafts, cooking, games, and organization. The kids are also taught about important topics at the center such as traffic safety and drug awareness.

The Kids Kingdom was born through the deep connection of two best friends, a Brownsville resident who noticed the need for a safe and fun environment for children to play while their parents worked. They soon started the Kids Kingdom using her own money and time and since then has expanded it to include two locations in Brownsville. The community provided additional funding, as did a state grant. Volunteers also helped maintain and run the center.

It is a place where the children will feel safe and secure, and learn at their own pace. They are the future of our community.

BFS serves the area where kids kingdom is located. Visit them if you need their services.

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