8:30am-5pm / 7 Days a Week
8:30am-5pm / 7 Days a Week

Amelia’s Restaurant Rowlett

Amelia’s Restaurant experience is all about fun, family, and friends. The restaurant is created to be accessible for everyone and adapt to any occasion, perfect if you are craving any Mexican food. Their restaurant is staffed by local residents of Rowlett, Texas. Amelia’s Cocina Mexicana supports our community and strives to make a difference in the world with philanthropic efforts.

Amelia’s Cocina Mexicana offers delicious food, good conversations, and warm hospitality among family members. All of their staff shared the same principles from Mexican culture and hospitality. All of them are from Rowlett, Texas, and love what they do.

Amelia’s Cocina Mexicana has been a successful business for many years now and has just expanded in size. With the growth of the business, their menu had to stay relevant with quality that keeps customers coming back day after day.

Amelia’s Cocina Mexicana food is cooked fresh every day with Mexican ingredients, cooking methods, and recipes brought from Mexico through generations of cooks. Their dishes balance Latin flavor and tradition with modern taste and style for a delicious culinary experience that appeals to all.

Amelia’s Cocina Mexicana’s fresh homemade dishes with a modern presentation for an authentic and unique dining experience. It offers a full array of specialties every day including Mexican dishes like Chips and Salsa, Guacamole, Quesadillas as well as Mid-Eastern like Hummus and fresh salads. We also serve a wide variety of children’s favorites. All meals include a choice of beverage, served in an individual cup or pitcher. The menu offers Mexican and American beverages including imported brand sodas, juices, bottled water, coffee, and tea.

Amelia’s Cocina Mexicana decided to become a Certified Dealer in 2010 so that you can be sure to receive 100% authentic Mexican products.

BFS serves the area where Amelia’s Cocina Mexicana is located. To know more, visit them if you need their services.

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