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8:30am-5pm / 7 Days a Week


Who Qualifies for Dallas Disability Services?

May 28, 2020

At Berry Family Services, we are family-owned and operated providers of Dallas disability services. We understand the importance of family and the need for Disability Services in Dallas. 

Providing for our family is one of the most important things we do in life. You do what you can to take care of your family members with the resources at hand. Families with an individual with disabilities find a unique responsibility to help the individual get the care and assistance they need to thrive as independently as possible. 

While this may seem difficult, the state of Texas offers a home and community-based service program that supports people with intellectual disabilities, whether they live with their family, in their own home, or in a community or small group home. 

We partner with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to provide HCS services to individuals who need resource assistance. HCS can provide individuals with services including employment services, dental services, behavioral support, occupational therapy, accessible minor home modifications, and many more. 

Texans eligible for HCS are:

Those who do not live in an institutional setting with an IQ of 69 or below (or 75 or below if related condition is approved), has deficits in adaptive behavior, is eligible for Medicaid benefits, and/or is not enrolled in another existing Medicaid waiver program. 

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