Ipad app helps special needs children communicate

Heard this the other day on the radio. I am very excited to see the combination of technology and support for the IDD population. If you get a chance to watch the video, please do. Might even want to follow this company.  Let me know what you all think about this new product.

“iPad app helps special needs children communicate

A pioneer program in Maine is helping young children with special needs communicate using an iPad and a special app. A pilot program at Northeast Hearing and Speech has been using the iPad as a communication tool for pre-school children – and now, they have a grant to further study how effective it is. Rushi Patel has down syndrome, and is essentially nonverbal. He now uses Proloquo2Go on his iPad, which has given him a voice.

AssistiveWare’s CEO David was recently in Maine for a Proloquo2Go presentation day and was also interviewed by WGME 13 news. Watch the TV segment in Maine on Proloquo2Go here.

* We should add that the company, of course is AssistiveWare and the app is Proloquo2Go. And as always, everything we do at AssistiveWare is a team effort!”


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