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Ipad app helps special needs children communicate

Heard this the other day on the radio. I am very excited to see the combination of technology and support for the IDD population. If you get a chance to watch the video, please do. Might even want to follow this company.  Let me know what you all think about this new product.

“iPad app helps special needs children communicate

A pioneer program in Maine is helping young children with special needs communicate using an iPad and a special app. A pilot program at Northeast Hearing and Speech has been using the iPad as a communication tool for pre-school children – and now, they have a grant to further study how effective it is. Rushi Patel has down syndrome, and is essentially nonverbal. He now uses Proloquo2Go on his iPad, which has given him a voice.

AssistiveWare’s CEO David was recently in Maine for a Proloquo2Go presentation day and was also interviewed by WGME 13 news. Watch the TV segment in Maine on Proloquo2Go here.

* We should add that the company, of course is AssistiveWare and the app is Proloquo2Go. And as always, everything we do at AssistiveWare is a team effort!”


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Is it possible to be too clean? Researchers say yes

I have even heard this about bathing to much.  I agree that there have been huge medical advances but this is interesting.  As care givers this extends beyond our personal hygiene and forces us to think about our dependents as well.


What do you guys think?


Is it possible to be too clean? Researchers say yes – Vitals.

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Whats does Helping mean to you?

Help is given in a all types of forms. It can be a simple hand up or even a life changing event. Regardless of the effort given, the help received is unmeasurable in benefit. Please take the time to post examples of helping that you have witnessed, or been involved with.

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Upcoming Texas Legislative Session, Again

Believe it or not it is time, once again, to prepare to meet with our lawmakers to explain the need and benefit of our programs for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This session is going to prove to be just as challenging as the last session. Although the financial condition of the State is much better than last session, the Governor is again calling for a 10% cut to your program. We received the proposed numbers from the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) this week. We are looking at significant cuts in almost all HCS services including Foster Care. Daily rates in Foster Care could drop by as much as $8.38 per DAY. That is over $250.00 per month.
As last session I am asking that everyone get in involved in the legislative process and start contacting your state representatives and senators. In order to talk directly to your legislators you need to make contact BEFORE the session starts. Once the session starts, you will most likely be talking to an aide. Remember, your elected officials are the only people in the state that can keep your program whole.

As always, please feel free to contact me or Jason at our office number. Like last session, we will be making weekly trips to Austin once the session begins. We will fight to keep your program intact but one of the questions we heard many times last session was “why aren’t we hearing from the families?” We couldn’t answer them. Please help us keep this program together for the sake of our loved ones who desperately need the benefit of it services.

Thanks for your attention.
Tom Berry

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